Prunus Premier Cat Shampoo

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Prunus Premier Cat Shampoo is a mild Shampoo for Cats. Cats have the habit of licking their fur often. Prunus Premier Cat Shampoo contains amino acid derivates surfactant that is necessary for healthier skin and edible nonionic surfactant in order to provide a safe usage and without any worries.


Rp145.000Rp193.000 (-25%)


Product Characteristics:
1. Mild Shampoo: It is very mild using natural herb extracts.
2. Silicon coating technique: A specific silicon coating technique that serves as lines and treatment leaves your cat skin soft and shiny fur.
3. A safety proven product: Verified safe through safety test in which skin and eye irritation of rabbits the weakest among animals have indicated the safety of the shampoo
4. Natural antimicrobial substance (Patent): Helps makes your cat’s skin healthy

1. Wet coat thoroughly and apply adequate shampoo on pet’s
2. Work shampoo into coat and massage. Add more shampoo if needed
3. Rinse thoroughly until the water is free of suds

Caution: Keep product out of reach of children. Advisable to store away from high temperature or direct sunlight


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