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Bowwow Lamb Cheese Sand 100g


Feature of product:
1. Clean area It is a nutritious snack made with lamb and cheese from New Zealand.
2. It contains mutton, which is low allergy, and can help improve dietary allergy.
3. It has a soft texture that can be enjoyed by pets of all ages.

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Basic Ingredients
Lamb meat, wheat flour, soft meat, meal, sugar, cheese, sorbitol, emulsifier, soy protein, wheat gluten, refined salt, chicory dietary fiber, vitamin-mineral mixture, acidity regulator, beef seasoning powder, potassium sorbate, caramel, food coloring red 40 arc

-As this is for pets, do not feed other than pets.
-Store it so that it is not exposed to moisture or direct sunlight for a long time, and store it in a cool and shady place after opening.
-Occasionally, white or black spots may appear on the surface of the product, but since it is a raw material, feed with confidence.

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